A Malodorous Connundrum: How To Fight Foot Smell At Root Cause

A 16-year-old basketball player wrote to 88.7 broadcast journalist Dr. Zorba Paster with his foot smell conundrum. “When I take off my socks, you can smell them clear in the kitchen — and  my bedroom is in the basement,” writes “Lonely Jason.” He adds that the smell sickens his mom and makes him afraid he’ll never find the girl of his dreams. Antiperspirant and over-the-counter yeast creams have not been successful for this young man. Luckily, there are several practical remedies for smelly feet that attack the root cause of foot odor and provide meaningful results.

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Beat Bacteria Feet!

Sweaty feet often accompany stinky feet, but in reality… sweat has NO odor! The stink emanates from all the bacteria you’ve inadvertently picked up during your travels. Eau de Bacteria may smell sweet, musty, acrid, or rotten — depending on the type. Over time, the bacteria you encounter lives and dies in your footwear. When was the last time you cleaned or sanitized your shoes? Most people can’t recall because it’s difficult to cleanse our shoes without wrecking them.

We have a few ways to remove foot odor by attacking the bacterial cause:

– Use the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungus and microbes in just one cycle.

– Wash the feet daily with anti-bacterial soap, taking special care to dry between the toes.

– Consider antimicrobial socks materials, but avoid anything that has not been tested.

– Some say antibacterial cream like Neosporin can limit bacteria populations.

– Cedar shoe insoles can absorb some of the smell.

– Use antibacterial wipes on your feet.

Beat Sweaty Feet!

Sweat is one of the main causes of foot odor because it saturates the bacteria and gives it something to feast upon. You can think of it as tens of thousands of bacterial guests pigging out on a Thanksgiving Day feast on your feet — eating, procreating, excreting — GROSS! So, really, one of the best way to cut the foot odor is to limit the amount of food you feed these unwanted house guests.

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You can do that by:

– Taking proactive steps to eliminate stress, since that is a big cause of excessive sweating.

– Alternate shoes to allow for proper drying time.

– Change socks at least twice daily.

– Apply prescription Drysol or Xerac.

– Take a medication called propranolol to calm anxiety and sweating.

– Consider getting Botox for your feet to paralyze a few of the 250,000 sweat glands responsible for the foot bath.

The Bottom Line:

You don’t have to put up with having a terrible foot smell. Attack shoe odor at the root sources to enjoy a more carefree life.


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