Waiting For Toenail Fungus To Grow Out: Can You Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

People  looking for a nail fungus solution become dismayed when they realize there is truly no way to cure toenail fungus fast. Once the nails come out of the  nail bed, they are already dead tissue, so there is no way to repair it. So when nails have darkened and grown discolored, the best you can realistically hope for is clear, fungus-free nail to start growing from the nail bed. As we mentioned before, it takes 12 to 18 months for a fresh new toenail to grow in. So the question is: how does one make the nails grow faster? Is there anything we can do, other than simply wait and be patient?

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West Bloomfield, Michigan Dermatologist D’Anne Kleinsmith, MD, says that keeping moist nails will prevent them from breakage. Nails that appear longer look in better shape, she says. “Every time you wash your hands, put a little hand cream on; it’s much richer and thicker than just a body lotion,” she advises. Also, wear gloves or mittens in cold weather, as well as rubber gloves when working with cleaning chemicals.

Biotin Supplement

Biotin may not make your nails grow faster, but they will grow stronger and be less likely to split or break. As an added bonus, biotin can also improve the look of your skin and hair. “I take it myself and do feel it helps with nails,” Kleinsmith tells WebMD. 

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Nail Shellac

Opt for nail shellac, rather than polish, at the salon. This material is similar to dental sealants — reinforcing the nail and trapping in moisture, rather than weakening it. For these reasons,  “Shellac is quickly replacing polish in professional nail salons,” says Duke University School of Medicine Dermatologist Zoe Draelos, MD.


The idea behind exercise is that it improves circulation, thus getting more moisture and nutrients to the nails to encourage faster growth. Poor circulation is especially a problem for people with diabetes — slowing wound healing and nail growth, causing numbness and leaving the foot more susceptible to infection. Conversely, exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle and quicker growth.


Good news: a study conducted by the University of North Carolina found that nails are growing slightly faster today than they grew back in the 1950s. Experts say this is due to our richer diet that is packed with more protein and nutrients. Vitamin D and iron are important nutrients for nail growth.

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How Can I Make The Best Of A Toenail Fungus Situation??

Laser treatment for fungal nails gives you the best shot at improving the overall appearance of the nail as you wait, but the results there aren’t perfect either. Sometimes a manicurist can grind down the fungus nail to make it more manageable as well. Be sure to use the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer each night as part of your nail fungus solution, as it will help prevent re-infection caused by putting your feet back into fungus-infected shoes.

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