Diabetes Foot Infection Study: Can Grafix Help Heal Your Diabetic Foot Ulcer?

Diabetic foot ulcers can be very scary, considering their link with lower extremity amputations. As a science-minded company, we really appreciate when companies take the time to run a proper single-blind, randomized, controlled study to test the effectiveness and safety of their products. This Friday, the results of the Grafix clinical trial for the treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcers will be presented at the 2013 Advanced Wound Care Symposium in Las Vegas. So far, it sounds like the results are promising.


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What Is Grafix?

Grafix is a three-dimensional cellular matrix that can be applied to chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers or burns to aid in healing. One proposed benefit of this treatment is that it will protect the area from inflammation,  bacteria, fungus, scarring and infection. Also, the matrix applies potent mesenchymal stem cells to the area to promote cell migration, proliferation and maturation for faster tissue repair — which, as you know, can be a challenge for diabetics. The product is FDA-registered under the “Human Cells, Tissues, Cellular and Tissue-Based Products” category.

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What Did The Grafix Trial Study Find?

According to Bio News Texasthe clinical trial looked at 131 U.S. patients (ages 18 to 80) from 19 wound care centers for 12 weeks. Patients must have had foot ulcers for at least four weeks before the trial and the ulcers had to be 1 to 15 square centimeters in size to be included in the study. Patients whose ulcers were reduced by more than 30 percent during a one week screening period were excluded from the analysis.

Dr. Larry Lavery and his colleagues from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found that 62% of the patients had complete wound closure within 12 weeks, compared to just 21% in the control group who received standard wound care. Grafix not only closed the wounds faster, but also required fewer treatments that conventional therapy.

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Other Treatments For Diabetic Foot Ulcers

We’re excited about the possibility presented by this advanced wound healing matrix. However, as these newer treatments are coming to light, many of us will have to wait for doctors in our area to become well-versed in the wound healing techniques.

We can all agree that the best way to approach diabetic foot ulcers is to AVOID THEM! Our SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is a great tool that sanitizes your footwear, killing 99.9% of the bacteria and fungus in your shoes within 45 minutes. This treatment protects your feet from infection-causing microbes.

Washing your feet and socks daily is also important, as is wearing comfortable foot gear that does not put unnecessary pressure on your skin. Keep checking our blog to hear more about the latest therapies designed to protect  your feet.

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