UV Light Combats Stinky Shoes: SteriShoe Gets Rave Reviews From CTV

Remember the good old days when shoe stores were full-service? They did x-rays. They measured your feet. They took a look at your arch and your foot type to determine the most comfortable shoe. And every shoe store had UV sanitizers on hand, rather than those pathetic pantyhose “footies” that do precious little to prevent the transfer of bacteria and fungus from person to person. Nowadays so much has changed. Yet, SteriShoe is committed to protecting your feet from bacteria, fungus and stinky shoes. Recently, our UV shoe sanitizer was featured on British Columbia’s CTV! Check it out…

Why Use SteriShoe?

SteriShoe is a product for people who care about foot health and hygiene. More specifically, we especially recommend the SteriShoe germicidal UV lamp for anyone who has suffered from diabetes, toenail fungus, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, or shoe odor. It’s that last bit that most interested British Columbia consumer reporter for CTV News, Lynda Steele.

She took the bacteria-killing UV light to her radio colleagues at Beat 94.5 to try it out. “Radio studios are notoriously tiny and when you work in close quarters, shoe odour can be an issue for everyone,” she explained. Morning show host Jonny Staub admitted his feet can sometimes stink and co-host Amy Beeman said her shoes could use some freshening up as well. Lynda stuck the device into each shoe for a 45-minute treatment and returned with the shoes to see if they thought it had eliminated their shoe odor. According to CTV, “Staub thought his sneakers smelled much fresher and Beeman was impressed with the results as well.”

CTV Consults A Podiatrist To Learn More About How SteriShoe Works

Unlike so  many other products on the market, we have conducted extensive clinical studies to prove that our device kills the microbes that cause toe fungus, athlete’s foot and other harmful microbes. We understood the problem that many people were facing: they could cure their foot issue with medication, but were promptly re-infected when they stuck their feet back into contaminated shoes again. For this reason, the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington promotes the use of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer as part of a comprehensive toenail fungus prevention strategy.

Podiatrist Dr. Amandeep Randhawa was consulted on the show to explain how SteriShoe works. “Each foot in a 24 hour period sweats approximately half a pint of sweat,” she said, adding: “It really just kills and eliminates the germs, fungus, viruses, bacteria, yeast even things that are inside your shoe.”

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Image Source: MobileMag.com

How To Buy Your Own SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer For Stinky Shoes

The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer usually sells for $150, but you can find it on sale for $129 here.

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