Congress Is Now Less Popular Than Toenail Fungus!

The U.S. government is back in business — after 16 wasted days and billions of dollars in economic damage. In the meantime, the approval rating for Congress has plummeted to new lows, according to a survey released by Public Policy Polling last week. Congress is now less popular than hemorrhoids, dog poop, cockroaches, the DMV, jury duty, pot holes, zombies, witches, mothers-in-law, and… yes folks, even toenail fungus.

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What’s Worse Than Congress?

Only 8 percent of the 502 Democrats, Republicans and Independents surveyed approve of the job Congress has been doing. However, there are a few things worse than Congress, according to Americans. For instance, Congress is still better than…

– The Ebola Virus

– Serial Killer Charles Manson

– Syria

– Vladimir Putin

– Anthony Weiner

– Lindsey Lohan

– Honey Boo Boo

– Heroin, and

– Miley Cyrus “Twerking.”

Congress Bombs In Polls…

The Nation reports, “GOP strategists would be wise to dissect the poll results that gave such a decisive edge to common toenail-fungus, also known as onychomycosis.” Public Policy’s survey found that 44% of respondents had a more favorable view of toenail fungus than of Congress; 41% said Congress wasn’t as awful; and 15% were undecided.

Is Toenail Fungus Really Beloved By The Public?

It may be funny to think that toenail fungus enjoys greater popularity than Congress. Yet, not everyone agrees.

– Barack Obama supporters felt that toenail fungus was preferable to Congress, but people who voted for Mitt Romney in the last election say that toenail fungus is indeed worse — by a margin of 52 to 38% (with 10% unsure).

– Also, 47% of 30 to 45-year-olds believed that toenail fungus was, in fact, worse than Congress.

– Young 18 to 29-year-olds were evenly split at 43%.

Interestingly enough, it was the older cohorts that really brought Congress below the popularity of toenail fungus. Voters age 65+ (the largest demographic for onychomycosis sufferers) favored having toenail fungus by a margin of 45% in favor and 39% opposed.

We Assure You, Toenail Fungus Is No Picnic.

Like Congress, toenail fungus is a plague that sufferers just can’t seem to shake. It seems that no matter who we vote for, the same pathetic outcomes keep recycling. By the same token, no matter what treatment onychomycosis sufferers try, the fungus can keep coming back. On the bright side, you can treat toenail fungus — and often cure it.

That’s why we recommend using the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer to completely sanitize the shoes of all fungal spores that can re-infect the feet during and after treatment. Just one 45-minute exposure to UVC light is all it takes to destroy the microogranisms that can live for weeks on end in your footwear.

Now if only we could invent a UV light to cure the malaise affecting Congress!


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