The Honest-To-God Truth: Women Have Just As Much Foot Odor As Men

“Men smell of cheese, and women of grapefruit or onion,” say Swiss researchers who recent shed some light on the respective odors of sweaty men and women. The team of researchers from Geneva company Firmenich reported that female sweat contained high levels of sulphur compounds that, when mixed with bacteria, smells of onions. By contrast, men had high levels of a fatty acid, which turns to a cheese odor when exposed to bacteria. Independent smell assessors reported that the female eau de onion scent was, in fact, worse-smelling.

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Not-So-Scientific Analysis Of Female Foot Odor

Texan newspaper The Huntsville Item published an interesting series of articles regarding the topic of female foot odor. The author’s female cohorts tried to say that “primitive male hormones” simply ooze out of their feet to “mark their territory.” Women, on the other hand, just don’t have that evolutionary need. However, upon further analysis, the author found out that women can have rather unsavory shoe odor as well.

One late evening at the Four Points Sheraton in Lubbock, he sat amid deans, grad students, writers, professors, and doctors — when, suddenly, grad student Lori Stephens kicked off her shoes and said, “Well, we’re going to have to smoke now to keep from smelling feet.” A writer who had worked at a shoe store confirmed that women, indeed, have the stinkiest feet. Academia wondered if there was a true scientific basis for this assessment… or if, perhaps, the odor was related to a mysterious set of hormones associated with the adrenaline rush of shopping.

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Other Factors Affecting A Woman’s Foot Smell

Scientifically speaking, factors that may affect foot odor include:

– Genetics

– Diet

– Stress

Shoe and sock material choice matters, too — particularly if your feet aren’t given a chance to breathe. Since women often dress for fashion over comfort, these footwear choices can sometimes impact the smell of their feet.

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What Can You Do?

If you are a woman with a shoe odor problem, you may want to find a rare group like this that loves the “sexy smell” of women’s feet — be it vinegary, buttery, or cheesy. Well, maybe that’s a bit creepy!

Instead, you may want to attack the root cause of foot odor. In a previous blog, we discuss a few ways of reducing the amount of sweat coming out of those 250,000 sweat glands in your feet.

You also want to reduce the amount of bacteria on your feet. As the Swiss scientists noted, the actual chemicals in sweat do not smell until they come into contact with bacteria, so it’s imperative to rid shoes of that bacteria. The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is your best bet for clearing the shoe of stinking bacteria. In a 45-minute treatment of UV light, 99.9% of the bacteria in your shoes will die off, thus leaving you with fresher, sweeter smelling feet. No onions here!

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    I am doing a research on electronics nose technology. My focus of study is the female feet. My theory is that the scent of the female feet have some positive effects on neuron firing of the male’s human brain. You can take a look at s study published in Google two years ago and just recently entitled “Seismic Energy is Electrical Energy and Many Others” and “Foot Fetishism on Future Human Intelligence”, respectively.


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