5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Tackle Toenail Fungus

During the blustery winter months, it’s all too easy to pack our feet away in our thick wool socks and boots, or tuck them inside a pair of slippers. We do our best to ignore the yellow, crumbling keratin towers rising up out of our toes. Yet, once the weather warms up, we find ourselves wishing we had done something about toenail fungus before it was too late. Once your neighbors start busting their sandals, flip-flops, and cute strappy heels out of the closet, there is little hope of joining them.

snow toes

Are you guilty of trying to hide and bury your toenail fungus toes in the winter months, hoping it will all just sort itself out?
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Podiatrists Say, “Don’t Delay!”

“Podiatrists urge patients to call at the first sign of infection because the fungus can lead to permanent damage and spread to other parts of the body,” says Dr. Nicole G. Freels, a foot doctor at Lexington Podiatry. She explains that it’s an embarrassing condition, but also a very common one. “With technology like laser therapy, there’s no need to hide those toenails,” she adds.

During the winter months, you can discreetly go to a laser toenail clinic and have a professional treat each nail quickly and painlessly. It’s not the cheapest method for getting rid of toenail fungus, but it’s certainly the easiest if you worry you may not be disciplined enough to take a daily pill or apply a daily topical treatment. Besides, topical treatments are not all that effective… and oral antifungals carry the risk of serious side effects.

winter toenails

Before you hibernate, get those nails done, experts say!
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It’s Okay To Hibernate In Winter, But Start Fungus Treatment First!

We recommend treating your feet with one of the many toenail fungus solutions in the winter for several reasons:

1. Your toenails are covered by socks in public, so no one will know what you’re battling!

2. You can let your nails breathe, without toenail polish, which will help them heal faster.

3. Many laser toenail fungus treatment centers offer coupons and discounts during the slow “off-season” months.

4. The sooner you get started, the sooner the fungus will clear up! It can take six months to a year for a nail to clear.

5. The nails tend to get dry, brittle, and neglected in the winter as it is, so why not give them a little extra TLC?

winter boot care

Be sure to treat your footwear with UV light to kill any fungal spores living there. In the winter, your feet are especially prone to dampness, which encourages fungal growth.
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Remember To Treat Your Footwear This Winter.

If you contracted toenail fungus during the summer months, a seasonal change in footwear will be the perfect occasion to undergo treatment to eradicate toenail fungus. Many people find they become re-infected by wearing their regular toenail fungus-infested shoes. In the meantime, you can buy the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer and use germicidal UVC light to kill all the microbes in your summer shoes, so you won’t have to throw all your most beloved footwear away!

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