Social Media Gag Alert: Do All Your Facebook Friends Have Foot Fungus?

This week, one of my relatives wrote a Facebook status that said, “How do you get rid of foot fungus?” What luck! I thought. I write about this every single day! Finally, I can use all this knowledge to help someone I know! I was one of sixteen people who offered up suggestions, although mine was admittedly the most zealous…

FB status

Did you fall for a Facebook foot fungus gag recently?
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Once I saw another friend with the same status, the jig was up! Alas, it turns out I was tricked by one of the latest Facebook gags.

Facebook Foot Fungus Gag

Moments after I replied, my relative wrote  me back saying:

“You’re in trouble!! A friend did this to me, sorry it’s a game! You shouldn’t of liked or commented. Choose one of the following:

‘Damn diarrhea’
‘Anyone got any tampons? I’m desperate’
‘Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.’
‘How do you get rid of foot fungus?’
‘Why is no one around when I’m horny?’
‘No toilet paper – Goodbye socks!!!’
‘I pooped my pants.’

Note: No explanations. Your turn!”

What Do People Suggest for Curing Foot Fungus?

Some people suggested that my relative “cut her foot off” as a good cure for foot fungus. I chuckled, but also thought they were right on the money with that one, as there really are no sure-fire cures that work for everyone, all of the time. Most people suggested homeopathic natural remedies for foot fungus, including: coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, urine, vinegar, or Listerine. A few individuals suggested over-the-counter solutions, like a biotin supplement, Lotrimin, or Avon’s antifungal foot spray. We talked about most of these suggestions in our article, Top Myths About Causes & Cures For Athlete’s Foot.

foot fungus facebook

While the subject of a meme or two, trust us: foot fungus is no joke! Image Source:

Foot Fungus Is a Real Problem: How SteriShoe Sanitizers Can Help!

While the game seemed asinine to me, I did find it interesting how many people came out of the woodwork to pitch ideas. In her email response, my relative admitted that her two boys often battle foot fungus since they’re hockey players who are always “picking stuff up from the locker room.” I wonder how many other candid confessions took place across Facebook. After all, up to 3% of the population suffers from chronic toenail infections and it is estimated that 70% of Americans will have athlete’s foot at some point in their lifetime.

foot fungus incidence

Onychomycosis (aka toenail fungus) is more common than you may think.
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Treating foot fungus depends upon the type of fungus you have. Athlete’s foot can be cured with an over-the-counter topical cream from your local pharmacy, but you must continue taking it up for at least a week after the symptoms disappear. Toenail fungus is much trickier and may require laser treatment for fungal nails — which is fairly expensive. Oral medication is another option, but risks include side effects like possible liver damage — not to mention, total disappointment if the medication does not work. This is a total bummer! But on the bright side, the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer can help you prevent foot fungus by killing all the fungi in your shoes using ultraviolet light! Buy one here and sanitize the footwear of your whole family for cleaner, fresher-smelling shoes.

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