Nature’s Healing Properties: Home Remedies for Skin Conditions, Like Athlete’s Foot

The skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it possesses so many sensory receptors. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of sensitive skin to a certain degree. Miami Dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD, FAAD says that up to 50% of her patients suffer from sensitive skin, whether it manifests as acne, rosacea, stinging and redness, or contact dermatitis allergy. Personal care products are loaded with suspected carcinogens and irritating chemicals, so home remedies for skin conditions are a popular topic of interest on the internet. Whether you have acne or athlete’s foot, there are natural treatments for almost every type of skin condition. Do they work? Well, that is up to you to find out!

sensitive skin

Are you cursed with sensitive skin? If so, then a natural remedy for athlete’s foot may be in the cards for you.
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We’ve heard of many different remedies for acne. Unfortunately, the exact cause of acne is poorly understood, although it’s believed to be a combination of genetics and hormones. That fact makes finding a natural cure for acne rather difficult.
Some people say applications of cinnamon and honey, lemon  juice, tomato pulp, or turmeric will do the trick. Tea tree oil is one of the most well-studied natural remedies for acne. We have used a dab of toothpaste on those big honking craters just as they start to arise and found that they are often gone by morning. Where did they go? No one knows! But we say, “Good riddance!”

Athlete’s Foot

One false step on a contaminated surface in your gym’s locker room or your hotel shower can infect you with an itching, burning, red fungal infection. One study published in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that garlic was just as effective as Lamisil for treating athlete’s foot. Furthermore, The New York Times adds that a 30-minute foot soak in a bath of finely crushed garlic cloves can relieve athlete’s foot symptoms. Other proposed home remedies for athlete’s foot run the gamut from baking soda and tea, to vinegar and salt.

garlic foot soak

Minced up cloves of garlic added to a foot bath can prove a natural antifungal, say several sources.
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There are many anti-dandruff shampoos that are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Yet, if you’re looking for something more holistic, you can try our good friend tea tree oil again. A small study found a 41% improvement with this home remedy.


One small study proves that olive oil and coconut oil can be effective treatments for the dry skin associated with dermatitis allergies. You can apply the oil twice daily for a month to experience relief from dryness, and kill bacteria. Another small, double-blind study found that aloe applied twice daily for a month to six weeks resulted in 62% of patients exhibiting reduced scaliness and itching (compared to just 25% of placebo recipients).


If you can believe it, the most popular home wart removal method is to apply a patch of duct tape. Although perhaps not a remedy direct from nature, it can be effective. A 2012 research review found that the treatment had mixed results. However, it’s easy to try, says The McKinley Health Center of Illinois. You simply cover the wart with tape and leave it on for about six days. Afterward, remove the tape, soak the wart and gently rub the area with a pumice stone or emery board. If it’s still there, you can reapply the tape and try again for another six days.

prevent foot fungus

Ultraviolet light is a great natural remedy for shoe odor and a preventative measure for foot fungus too.
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Did You Know UV Light Is a Popular Natural Home Remedy?

Lastly, let’s not forget about ultraviolet light. Harnessing the power of UV light rays, this home remedy uses the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer as a natural way to prevent:

– Toenail fungus

– Athlete’s foot

– Shoe odor

– Diabetic foot infections.

Our product works by killing 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses inside the shoe within 45 minutes. If you have suffered any of the aforementioned conditions in the past, then you owe it to yourself and to your family to order an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer for your home to help prevent a recurrence. Our independently conducted study found that ultraviolet light can even kill deadly bacteria like MRSA!

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